10 reasons a circus arts class is just what you're looking for!

Posted on 2013-03-24 by Jessica.

Looking for an excuse to try out a circus class? We've got 10 of them for you right here! Whether your interests are physical, artistic, social, crafty, or downright fun, we think we'll have something to fit the bill.

1. You're looking for a way to get in shape. Need incentive to do pullups? How about an awesome trick on the silks that requires shoulder strength? Looking for your core muscles? Nothing to train that like trying to keep yourself balanced atop your partner's feet or hands? Back strength? Leg control? Mind control? We can't help with that last one, but for the others, we've got you covered.

2. You've always dreamed of being on the stage. Why just aspire to having your name up in bright lights, when you could be up there yourself, flying through the air.

3. You need new friends. The circus folk happen to be a pretty fun bunch. We're engineers, writers, software engineers, massage therapists, software engineers, ok, yes, a whole heap ton of us are engineers. This is Silicon Valley after all! So, come shatter that silly stereotype that engineers are boring!

4. You want to get your heart pumping. Love dance workouts? Try hooping. An hour of cardio will fly by when all the mind space you have is focused on keeping your hoop on your arms and body.

5. You're looking for novel experiences. So, I thought that circus arts were pretty novel until I looked at a bucket list for thrill seekers and it was full of things like volcano boarding and paragliding over castles. So, I take it back, the circus is perfectly normal. But if you ever get tired of racing your water buffalo, come back and we'll help you stand on a ball. It's covered in glow-in-the-dark stars!

6. You want an outlet for your craftiness Hoops and juggling balls are a great place to start. Handstand canes. A bull whip, perchance? A cyr wheel? A unicycle? Who says you can't make your toys and play with them, too? Fortunately, nobody said that.

Photo credit of Jordan Huotari Designs

7. You're looking for something meditative. You've tried yoga and love it: the balance, control, and concentration. Now try taking your flow to the next level (literally!) and do it all on a slackline!

8. You like to light things on fire. A high school boyfriend of my sister's used to spin fire poi and we're all still talking about it. Fire spinning is the best way to burn an impression on someone's brain. *No, this one we DO NOT mean literally!

9. You want something to do with your partner. Partner acrobatics is a great place to start! Get fitter together, find new ways to non-verbally communicate. Tell your partner they need to place their hands differently. Take it personally when they point out your unstraight arms. Get defensive, get snippy, storm off to the other room and search youtube for videos that make your case. Who, me? Have experience with this? What makes you say that?

10. You're on the lookout for a new party trick. Where there are things, there can be juggling. Learn the three ball juggle so you can juggle your friends' apples without dropping them. Entertain the neighborhood kids by juggling machetes on either side of them! (We like to warm up with clubs.)

If any of these reasons hooks you, head on over to our class listings, and sign up for a class!